“Vision 2020” – A Capital Improvement Project

Trolleys connected Americans before the age of private car ownership. Tracks set into city streets and built on lines connecting towns through suburbs allowed their populations to flourish as people rode the trolleys to work, to visit friends and family, and to see the sights in other towns. The Shore Line Trolley Museum’s line is one of these suburban trolley lines; the people who built it poured their energy, sweat, and passion into its construction, and we are honored to maintain it today. 
Part of our responsibility is to ensure its future. The Vision 2020 campaign will allow us to continue the legacy of those who built trolley lines like ours by improving the physical infrastructure of the museum, protecting our collections from the threat of fire, and ensuring long-term access for the people who visit our museum every year to experience the history of the trolley on our beautiful scenic route. Your donations help us see into the future — a future where we are able to maintain our pristine collection, preserve our historic trolley line, and connect with generations of visitors and volunteers inspired by the simple joy and visceral education of riding, operating, or restoring trolleys. Join us in supporting the Vision 2020 campaign today.