• The Connecticut Trolley System – New London County

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East Lyme

In 1905, the New London & East Lyme Street Railway began running alongside the Post Road to Flanders Corner and south to Niantic. The Shore Line Electric Railway began operating between Flanders Corner and Old Saybrook in 1913. Cars ran until 1919.


Franklin was served by cars on the the Norwich-Willimantic line from 1903 to 1936.


Trolleys ran on a New Haven RR line through the cotton and rayon textile center of Jewett City from 1906 to 1925.


Groton was served in 1904-1928 by the Groton & Stonington, a part of the Norwich & Westerly and Shore Line Electric systems. Cars ran every half hour.


The Norwich & Westerly ran across the northwest corner of the town from 1909 to 1922.


Trolleys passed through the Round Hill area of the town on the New Haven RR line along the Quinnebaug River from 1906 to 1925. The area was sparsely settled and few people got on or off in Lisbon.


This town manufactures paper, silk and cotton products. Cars on the Norwich-New London line ran north-south through the east side of the town until 1934.

New London

New London is on one of the deepest harbors on the Atlantic and was one of the largest whaling ports. The Conn. Co. New London Division was operated by the Shore Line Electric Railway 1913-1919. Streetcars last ran in 1934.


An 1893 experimental electric locomotive was in regular use at the Taftville Cotton Mill from 1894 to 1964. Local streetcars ran until 1936.

Old Lyme

The Shore Line Electric Railway ran through Laysville and Old Lyme from 1913 to 1919.


Hourly service was provided by the Norwich & Westerly from 1906 to 1928. This company operated out of a barn in Hallville.


Baltic in the southwest corner of the town was served by cars on the Norwich-Willimantic line from 1903 to 1936.


This town lies both east and north of the city of New London. It's principal product was millstones. In 1905, the New London & East Lyme St. Ry. began running west alongside the Post Road. In 1916, this line became part of the Shore Line Electric Ry. which ran until 1919.