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New Orleans Public Service Car 850

The city of New Orleans has the nation’s oldest trolley line, which is still running vintage cars from 1924. Car 850 is two years older, and was fully restored at the museum over a period of a decade, completed in 2007. 850 toured several cities during that year to promote tourism in the city of New Orleans, before returning to the museum to operate in regular passenger service.

What Else Happened in 1922?

courtesy of worldhistoryproject.org

Num/Owner/City: 850 New Orleans Public Service Inc. New Orleans  Builder: Perley A. Thomas  Date Built: 1922

Num Trucks: 2  Truck Type: Brill 76E2 Num Motors: 2 Motors: WH-306CV4 Controls: K-68A (K-36?)  Compressor:  DH16

Length: 47’8″ Weight: 41,148 Height:  Seats: 52

Ends: 2  OpenClosed: closed  Roof: arch Structural: steel Type: streetcar


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