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Third Avenue Railway System 629

The most modern car in our regular fleet, car 629 was home-built by the Third Avenue Railway from pieces of older cars in 1939. It ran in Manhattan and the Bronx, before being sold for post-WWII operation in Vienna, Austria as part of the Marshall Plan. After being retired in the 1960s, the museum acquired it in 1967, and it ran on our line for three years as Vienna 4239 before being restored to its original appearance as Third Avenue 629 in 1970.

What Else Happened in 1939?

courtesy of worldhistoryproject.org

Num/Owner/City: 629 Third Ave. Ry. NYC then 4239 Wiener Stadtwereke Verkehrsbetriebe Vienna Austria  
Builder: Third Ave. Ry.  Date Built: 1939

Num Trucks: 2  Truck Type: Brill 39EX Num Motors: 4 Motors: GE-265A  Controls: K-35(K-35G?)  Compressor: CP27

Length:    Weight:    Height:   Seats: 46

Ends: 2   OpenClosed: closed  Roof: arch  Structural: steel  Type: streetcar

Comment: Manhattan conduit car 1939-1946, Bronx trolley car 1946-1948. Vienna 1949-1966.

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