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Rhode Island Company 61

#61 is the oldest surviving street railway vehicle built as an electric car.  It was delivered with open platforms and a red paint scheme which identified it as an Elmwood Avenue car.  Other cars had different colors:  purple for Branch Ave., red & green for Cranston, etc.  The car colors are duplicated in the clerestory windows and the route name and destination were painted on the front dash.  The end platforms were later enclosed.

After the First World War, 26 now-elderly single truck cars were converted into service cars.  #61’s seats were removed and it became sand car #1567.  Streetcars typically carry sand in a hopper (usually under a seat near the front end) and drop it onto wet or slippery rails to prevent sliding.  As 1567, the car brought sand from a sand pit to the various car barns for distribution.

#1567 was in use until Rhode Island trolley operations ended on May 14, 1948.  After acquisition by the museum, the car was given a dark green paint job.  In 1978, #61 was repainted into its color scheme of about 1907, after the platforms were enclosed. The car was repainted again in 2013-2014.

What Else Happened in 1893?

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Acquired by the museum in: 1956

Num/Owner/City: 61 Rhode Island Co. Providence RI  then 1567 United Electric Rys. Providence RI  Builder: J.M. Jones  Date Built: 1893

Num Trucks: 1 Truck Type: Bemis 26 Num Motors: 2 Motors: GE-800 Controls: K-10 Brakes: handbrake Compressor: none

Length: 29′ Weight: 22,000 Height:  Seats: 30

Ends: 2 OpenClosed: closed Roof: deck Structural: wood Type: streetcar

Comment: original open platforms enclosed 19??. Used as sand car#1567.

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