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Connecticut Company 500/ Connecticut Railway & Lighting 500

The pride of the Connecticut Company fleet, car 500 was built in 1904 as an open-platform observation car. It was later lengthened and enclosed. This car toured the entire Connecticut Company street railway system and was also available for special events. It has a kitchen, bathroom, dining tables and plush carpet

What Else Happened in 1904?

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Acquired by the museum in: 1948

Num/Owner/City: 500 Conn. Ry. & Lighting Various CT  Builder: J.G. Brill  Date Built: 1904(1903?) 

Num Trucks: 2  Truck Type: Brill 27E1 Num Motors: 4 Motors: GE-80 Controls: K-6 Compressor: CP27

Length: 42′  Weight: 37,830 Height: Seats: 20

Ends: 2 OpenClosed: closed Roof: railroad Structural: wood Type: parlor car

Comment: Modified in 1912 to eliminate open platforms

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