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Brooklyn Rapid Transit 4573

BRT Car 4573 was the museum’s first Brooklyn car representing the largest trolley system in the U. S. It was used by the then Brooklyn Dodgers to travel to and from games.  It is a four motor convertible running in its summer configuration at Shore Line Trolley Museum. Built by the Laconia Car Company in 1906, it started its service on Flatbush Ave. and worked until 1934 when it was converted to a salt and sand car. In 1947 the car was selected by Branford, it was rare and well preserved example of this type of car.

What Else Happened in 1906?

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Num/Owner/City: 4573 Brooklyn Rapid Transit NYC   Builder: Laconia   Date Built: 1906

Num Trucks: 2  Truck Type: Peckham 25(Baldwin?)  Num Motors: 4  Motors: WH-101  Controls: K-28B  Compressor: National

Length: 43′  Weight: 48,500  Height:   Seats: 44  Ends: 2

Type: convertible  Roof: deck  Structural: composite  Type: streetcar


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