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Johnstown Traction Company 357

This is the typical streetcar of the 1920s, maintaining the traditional appearance while incorporating new-age safety features.  As built, the car only had controls at one end, but in 1933, it was modified to a double-ended car for use on lines which did not have loops for turning cars. This car served the town of Johnstown, PA, which was the last small American city to use streetcars, keeping them in service up until 1960.

What Else Happened in 1926?

courtesy of worldhistoryproject.org

Num/Owner/City: 357 Johnstown Traction Company  Builder: St. Louis  Date Built: 1926

Num Trucks: 2  Truck Type: St. Louis EDJ64(?) Num Motors: 2 Motors: WH-510A2 Controls: K-35KK  Compressor: DH16

Length: 41′ Weight: 38,000 Height:  Seats: 44

Ends: 2  OpenClosed: closed  Roof: arch Structural: steel Type: streetcar

Comments: built se, rebuilt to de 1933(?)

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