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Lynchburgh Electric Railway 34

This is an example of a first generation open bench trolley. Trolley such as these trolleys took millions of passengers to summer recreation areas like beaches and parks. Street railway companies built amusement parks as a way to generate weekend revenue. Many amusement park rides used the same controls as trolleys!

Built in 1899, this was a typical early trolley car. Early trolley cars only had one trolley pole which meant that it had to be swung around after each trip to change direction. The seat backs could also be flipped over so that passengers were always facing forward. This trolley car was also equipped with canvas curtains to protect the passengers from rain.

This was the first trolley car acquired by the Museum in 1945.

What Else Happened in 1899?

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Num/Owner/City: 34 Lynchburg Elec. Ry. Lynchburg VA then 34 5 Mile Beach Elec. Ry. Wildwood NJ  Builder: Jackson and Sharp  Date Built: 1899

Num Trucks: 1  Truck Type: Brill 21E  Num Motors: 2  Motors: GE-54 Controls: K-36(K-36J?)  Brakes: handbrake  Compressor: none

Length: 28′  Weight: 13,500  Height:  Seats: 45  Ends: 2  OpenClosed: open  Roof: deck  Structural: wood  Type: streetcar

Comment: first car acquired by BERA in 1945

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