• Brooklyn Rapid Transit 1792

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Brooklyn Rapid Transit 1792

The famous baseball team got its name from a disparaging remark made in a Manhattan newspaper that Brooklynites were just a “bunch of Trolley Dodgers.” Cars such as 1792 were working the streets of Brooklyn at this time. It later was converted to a work car and is currently in the process of interior restoration.

What Else Happened in 1899?

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Num/Owner/City: 1792 Brooklyn Rapid Transit NYC  Builder: Laclede  Date Built: 1899

Num Trucks: 2  Truck Type: Brill 39E1 Num Motors: 2 Motors: WH-68 Controls: K-11  Compressor:

Length: 35′ Weight: 26,000 Height:  Seats: 32

Ends: 2  OpenClosed: closed  Roof: deck Structural: wood Type: streetcar


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