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Connecticut Company 1602

Car 1602 was one of the last wooden streetcars built, as steel would become the preference the very next year. With a top speed of 25 MPH, the car was perfect for moving through crowded city streets. To accommodate the large crowds, the car was outfitted with bench seats along the sides leaving a wide aisle for lots of standing riders. For many years, Car 1602 was used on the line serving State Street and Savin Rock Amusement Park.  It was retired from service in 1948 and made its way to the museum where it runs primarily as our charter car for birthday and other parties.  Book your private charter today!

What Else Happened in 1911?

courtesy of worldhistoryproject.org

Num/Owner/City: 1602 Connecticut Company New Haven CT  Builder:  Wason  Date Built: 1911

Num Trucks: 2  Truck Type: Standard O-501 Num Motors: 4 Motors: GE-80 Controls: K-35G Compressor: DH16

Length: 41′  Weight: 45,100 Height: Seats: 42

Ends: 2 OpenClosed: closed Roof: deck Structural: composite Type: streetcar


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