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Brooklyn & Queens Transit 1001

The revolutionary PCC (Presidents Conference Committee) car was the traction industry’s answer to growing automobile and bus use, and to replace fleets of older traditional cars around the country, continent, and later to Europe. Car 1001 which ran in Brooklyn NY, was the first production PCC car and entered service in 1936. Restoration of 1001 to its late 1930’s appearance was completed in 2006..

What Else Happened in 1936?

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Acquired by the museum in: 1956

Num/Owner/City: 1001 Brooklyn Queens Transit NYC  Builder: St. Louis  Date Built: 1936

Num Trucks: 2  Truck Type: Clark B-2  Num Motors: 4  Motors: GE-1198A  Controls: GE 17KM3A1  Compressor: PC2  

Length: 46′  Weight: 33,360  Height:  Seats: 59?

Ends: 1  OpenClosed: closed  Roof: arch  Structural: steel  Type: streetcar PCC

Comment: SLCC order #1600. First production PCC.

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