Georgia Power Company 948

Georgia Power Company 948

This car was built by the Cincinnati Car Co. in 1926 and operated on the streets of Atlanta until 1948. Many of Atlanta’s retired streetcars were sold to Seoul, Korea where they operated for several more years. At that time, all of 948’s electrical and mechanical equipment was removed and sent to Seoul for spare parts. The museum acquired the car body, and spent many years working to re-acquire all the parts to bring it back to life. Atlanta 948 made its grand debut on our line in 2011 as the most recently-restored member of our fleet.

Built in: 1926 by Cincinnati Car Co.

In service: Georgia Power Company

Acquired by the museum in: 1966

About car 948

Num/Owner/City: 948 Georgia Power Co. Atlanta
Builder: Cincinnati Car Co.
Date Built: 1926
Num Trucks: 2
Truck Type: Brill 177E1
Num Motors: 4
Motors: WH-510A2
Controls: K-35HH
Compressor: DH16
Length: 46’4″
Weight: 37,000
Seats: 48
Ends: 2
OpenClosed: closed
Roof: deck
Structural: steel
Type: streetcar
Guidebook: 34-35