About car 775

This 1904 car spent many of its years running on the museum’s line when it was still an ordinary passenger carrying route of the Connecticut Company, and has operated at the museum for many years. It is currently undergoing repairs.

Num/Owner/City: 775 ConnCo New Haven CT
Num/Owner/City: 193 ConnCo New Haven CT
Builder: Jewett
Date Built: 1904
Num Trucks: 2
Truck Type: Standard O-50
Num Motors: 4
Motors: WH-101B
Controls: K-35(K-35G?)
Compressor: DH16
Length: 42′
Weight: 46,600
Seats: 44
Ends: 2
OpenClosed: closed
Roof: railroad
Structural: wood
Type: streetcar
Guidebook: 18,19

Freshly restored as car 775, July 4 1997. Photo by D. Shore.
Car 775 in service, West Haven CT, 1930s. Photo by F. Bennet