About car 6688

Car 6688 was ordered by the City of New York in 1955 to replace some of the original 1904-1907 vintage IRT cars. It was one of the first cars to be painted red and silver and looks similar to the thousands of “redbird” cars that were retired ca. 2001. It was preserved in 1987 and operates frequently at the museum.

Num/Owner/City: 6688 New York City Transit Authority NYC
Builder: St. Louis
Date Built: 1955
Num Trucks: 2
Truck Type: General Steel Industries MCB cast
Num Motors: 4
Motors: GE 1240A4
Controls: GE MCM
Brakes: SMEE/ME42A
Compressor: 2CY
Length: 51′
Weight: 77,887
Seats: 44
Ends: 2
OpenClosed: closed
Roof: arch
Structural: steel
Type: rt subway
Guidebook: 58,59
Comment: currently has one replacement WH1447C motor