About car 5466

The Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT) company was New York’s first subway line, opening on October 27, 1904. The Lo-V is the second generation of rolling stock. Car 5466 was part of a New York museum train and was saved from the scrapper through some clever tricks. This car is often operated on RT weekends.

Num/Owner/City: 5466 Interboro Rapid Transit NYC
Builder: American Car & Foundry
Date Built: 1924
Num Trucks: 2
Truck Type: Baldwin
Num Motors: 2
Motors: GE-269A
Controls: GE PC-10
Brakes: AMUE/ME23
Compressor: D2F
Length: 51′
Weight: 77,700
Ends: 2
OpenClosed: closed
Roof: railroad
Structural: steel
Type: rt subway “Lo-V”
Guidebook: 58,59
Comment: Has (inaccurate) D-4 compressor installed.