Third Avenue 220

Third Avenue 220

This car was originally built for the cable car line on Third Ave from 130th St to City Hall in New York City. In 1899 it was rebuilt into an electric car and assigned to the 42nd St. Crosstown Line, until about 1908 when it was replaced by larger cars. For the next 38 years it was used as a work car, cleaning the underground third rail conduits used by streetcars in Manhattan. Soon after the blizzard of 1888, NYC ordinances required all overhead lines including trolley wires be underground in most of Manhattan.

Built in: 1892 by Laclede Car Co.

In service:
Third Avenue Railway System 1892-1900
Metropolitan St. Railway 1900-1908
Third Avenue Railway /Transit System 1908-1946

Acquired by the museum in: 1948

About Car 220

Num/Owner/City: 220 Third Ave. Ry. NYC
Num/Owner/City: 20 Third Ave. Ry. NYC
Num/Owner/City: 33 Third Ave. Ry. NYC
Builder: Laclede
Date Built: 1892
Num Trucks: 1
Truck Type: Peckham 11
Num Motors: 2
Motors: WH-68
Controls: K-8
Brakes: handbrake
Compressor: none
Length: 32′
Weight: 23,000
Seats: 20
Ends: 2
OpenClosed: closed
Roof: deck
Structural: wood
Type: streetcar
Guidebook: 11
Comment: Cable car #20 1892-1899, slot scraper #33 1908-1948