About car 1349

Built in 1905 for service to Canarsie, this is a convertible car, similar to Brooklyn trolley 4573. In the early years, it too could be seen running on the street. Currently undergoing restoration but operated for the public on selected dates.

Num/Owner/City: 1349 Brookyn Rapid Transit NYC
Builder: Cincinnati Car Co.
Date Built: 1905
Num Trucks: 2
Truck Type: Alco Z380
Num Motors: 2
Motors: WH-300
Controls: WH AB USG(Turret)
Brakes: AML?
Compressor: D2F
Length: 49’3″
Weight: 73,230
Seats: 60
Ends: 2
OpenClosed: convertible/open platform
Roof: railroad
Structural: composite
Type: rt el “BU”
Guidebook: 55-56