A National Historic District – The oldest continuously running suburban trolley line in the USA. Come and enjoy a living, breathing experience riding historic, restored trolleys through scenic surroundings!
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Board of Trustees, Officers and Staff

John Proto, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
e-mail: director@shorelinetrolley.org  Phone: (475) 227-0001



Peter Callahan, Board Chair, Trustee

Alan Zelazo, Board Vice Chair, Trustee


Rodger Addil, Trustee

John Aurelius, Trustee

James Poulos, Trustee, Treasurer

Judy Sittnick, Trustee

Roberto Tillman, Trustee

Lee Wezenski, Trustee



Wayne Sandford, President

Ron Parente, Vice President


Dana Bowers, Corresponding Secretary

David Cohen, Assistant Treasurer

Ken Rosen, Recording Secretary

Bill Wall, President Emeritus



Archivist – Mike Schreiber

Buildings & Grounds – Paul Davy

Charter Coordinator – Tina Prete


Director of Operator Training – Rodger Addil

Director of Railway Operations – Lou Levinson

Gift Shop Managers – Joyce Aurelius & Judy Sittnick

Master Electrician – Al Santini

Master Mechanic – Dennis Pacelli

Member Publications – Jeff Hakner

Operations Scheduling Coordinator – Roberto Tillman

RT Coordinator – Thurston Clark

Signals & Communications – Dana Bowers

Visitor Center Superintendent – Kenneth Sittnick

Webmasters – Lisa Savage & Emily Goucher