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Car 316 recovered from flood damage

December 15, 2016
Car 316 returned to service on December 15 2016 after being flooded in Hurricane Irene and again in Hurricane sandy. The work on 316 included, removing the two Westinghouse 68 traction motors, one of the motors was so far impregnated by the salt water that it had to be re-wound. The project was funded 25% by the museum and 75% though our FEMA disaster assistance award.

Car 316 is the last original Union Railway trolley in existence. The car was built by the American Car Company in 1896 and operated in the Bronx. In 1899 was absorbed into the Third Ave Railway, staying in service until 1909. After that these small cars where replaced by larger capacity cars and sold off. Car 316 became Pay car 1 with seats removed and cashers’ window installed. It traveled all over the system, paying employees. 316 is now fully restored by member R Parente. The body restoration took over ten years and was fully funded by the Parente family.

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