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Car 1792 running under its own power again, April 2016

April 16, 2016

This car was one of sixty cars built by the Laclede Car Company in 1899 for the Nassau Electric railroad, a BRT subsidiary. Car 1792 represents 517 cars built for Brooklyn from 1896 to 1899. The car has longitudinal seats. The bay widow over the dash was added in 1907. In 1915 the car was refurbished again, this time with air brakes. Prior to 1915 the trucks of 1792 would have been removed in summer months (the body stored for the summer) and the trucks placed under an open car.

In 1925 1792 was converted to a sand car and transferred to the Canarsie Depot, here it remained until 1949 being purchased by the museum. Both Westinghouse 68 motors have been rebuilt along with the compressor. While this work was performed the interior of 1792 was re-installed with longitudinal seating. Today the car looks much as it did in 1925 prior to becoming a sand car.