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Car 865 returned to service after many years of storage, November 2015

November 16, 2015
This Wason built, 1906 car has four Westinghouse 101B motors, one of which had to be rewound after being flooded in both hurricanes. The water mark on the trucks was to the top of the motors. This required the DH 16 compressor to be rebuilt as well. This wood city car was the work house for the Connecticut Company from 1906 to 1948.


This series of cars was designed for suburban service to Wallingford and Branford. This car operated on the Shore Lines tracks when in service. The car spent its entire life in the New Haven division. In later years it was used for tripper service on State Street, and was often chosen for fan trips. Just prior to being flooded, the car had been undergoing a complete restoration of its body and interior. Today it operates on our lines in a condition that it most likely had in the 1920’s.